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Bible Reading Challenge



two of the most common  struggles keeping us from reading the bible are making the commitment and knowing where to start.


Register - when you register for the bible reading challenge: 

                 1. You make the commitment to read your bible daily

                 2. i help you know where to start!

Read - After registration is complete, you will receive an email with a printable bible                   reading challenge bookmark that holds our daily bible reading plan. print it and               place it in your bible so you will be ready to go each day!

        - grab a friend to read along with you for accountability, prayer and discussion!

Reward - Growing in "the grace and knowledge of our lord and savior jesus christ,"                         (2peter3:18) is the greatest reward we gain in reading god's word!

            -  as an added bonus - everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into                   the monthly giveaway.  

ready. set. join the challenge!            

hugs and prayers,



Register for the Redeemed Bible Reading Challenge Here!

Enter Giveaway Here! (for completed challenges)

Thanks for joining the Bible Reading Challenge

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