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Jesus is a Miracle Maker!

This month we are pursuing hope and celebrating the freedom to live loved by spotlighting miracles! Our God is a miracle maker! And because it's breast cancer awareness month we are sharing stories of the miracles Jesus has worked in the here and now in cancer survivors, caregivers and prayer warriors!

Today I am thrilled to share with you a story I will never get tired of hearing, a miracle of burning bush proportions and faithful obedience in response. Welcome, Veronna Keen.....

It was November 2012 and my favorite holiday was upon us. I had planned for our family Thanksgiving dinner all year long and I couldn’t wait!

What I could not plan for was “Cancer.”

I had been having a few pains but the doctor, didn't think it was anything to worry about and was sure it was just scar tissue from a previous unrelated surgery. I went for a scan and they sent me directly over to my doctor’s office. The doctor was not in, but the nurse called him at home and they set me up an appointment with a specialist for the next day. When I got there the doctor told me that I had what they called an apple core lesion. This was where the cancer had eaten through my colon and it looked like an apple eaten down to the core. He then told me all he could do was to take out my colon and give me a colostomy bag. I started praying, “Lord if you will just heal me of this I will tell everyone, when I get the chance, what you did for me.”

Later, I had to go back and get some paperwork and as I was leaving I could hear in my heart “Go and ask that receptionist to pray for you.” I did not listen. As the door closed behind me it sounded loud, almost like thunder or a bomb. Then I heard, “If you will not even ask her to pray, if I healed you, you would not tell anyone.” I immediately turned around and went back inside I walked right up to that receptionst’s desk and said, “I don't know you and I don't even know if you are a Christian but I was just told I have cancer and I feel like God told me to ask you to pray for me.” She reached out and grabbed my hands and started praying the most beautiful prayer asking God for healing on my behalf. We both were crying and truthfully I was still scared.

That night at church, our youth minister told everyone what the doctor said. He asked the youth to gather around me and lay hands on me. They did, with such sweet voices I heard those youth call out to God on my behalf and ask for healing. Then later my niece called me to her house where her family gathered around me and prayed. Of course, my family of four had been praying nonstop.

Monday finally came and somehow I still could not accept all that was happening. I kissed my husband as they were about to take me back for surgery. I did not know for sure what my future would hold but I did know that God had heard our cries and he was in control. As I was waking up I heard, “her colon looks as new as a new born baby. Then my husband leaned down and whispered in my ear “They could not find anything, it's gone.” I immediately started raising my hands and saying very loudly, “THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD!” My husband leaned in once again and then said, “you’re being really loud.” But I didn’t care I just kept raising my hands and saying as loud as I could, “THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD!

God did it! He gave me the miracle of life and more chances to tell others about Jesus and his love for us. From that time on my life verse has been Isaiah 6:8, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Praise Be to God!

Veronna Keen

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