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Caps of Hope



I made my first chemo cap shortly after becoming a member of our church’s Women on Mission group.  I excitedly searched the web for a new project for our group and stumbled across a pattern for chemo caps.  My heart strings were pulled as I remembered the scarves my sweet Aunt Laura wore before cancer took her from us.  The group agreed to the idea of making several batches for the local cancer centers and the pretty pink sample I brought in to show was set aside until after summer break.

I didn’t know when I made that cap that just a few months later I would be wearing it myself.  God knew.

This little cap was just one of the many ways I believe the Lord was preparing me for the journey of faith, hope and love that He was about to lead me through as I battled cancer.  Now, instead of a one time mission project, Caps of Hope is a ministry of love delivered through local Cancer Centers, personal requests and divine appointments.

click here to send me a message To receive a free cap for yourself or others.

Hugs and Prayers,                                                                                                                          


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