Looking for a conference, fellowship or retreat speaker?  You are in the right place!  Kimberly Vernetti is passionate about sharing what the Lord is teaching her through her own life events and study of His word.  She loves to take the truths found in scripture and use it to encourage, equip and inspire others.  Together we will dig deep to find not only inspiration but courage, strength and tenacity to put our faith into action as we pursue hope, find freedom and live loved. 



Jesus doesn't rescue us from sin and then leave us to fend for ourselves! No! He saves us from the pit and sets us on a journey of  redemption.  What did he do for you? What has he done in you?  What can he do through you? 

Fighting Back with Faith, Hope and Love

The struggle is definitely real.  Daily little annoyances, gigantic catastrophes and everything in between.  We can hold onto a threadbare rope or we can learn to fight back from the struggle, the brokenness and the hurt with faith, hope and love.

I am is enough

The world is telling women that we are enough to handle everything on our own.  Motherhood.  Work.  Relationships. Problems.  Stress. Anxiety. "Don’t worry you’ve got this."  So what happens when we bump into our weaknesses and realize that we actually are not enough. 

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"Our ladies thoroughly enjoyed her unique approach and presentation. A great addition to our WORLD Day of Prayer program." Annette, Nebo CP Church

**in addition to the above offerings, Kimberly will consider requests for custom messages to fit your event theme or topic.  Advanced notice and prior commitments will be a determining factor.**
"Kim spoke at our conference. She was inspiring, engaging and heartfelt. Our attendees have requested her back because of the biblical truths she communicated so beautifully." Veronna Keen, Director of Sav A Life Pregnancy Resource Center