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The Gift of Comfort

“For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also

our comfort abounds through Christ.” 2 Corinthians 1:5

Family Activity: Make everyone a cup of cocoa (or other festive treat) before

beginning your devotion time.

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Hot cocoa, gingerbread cookies or peppermint bark. Mmmm. Serve any one of these up alongside a fuzzy blanket, a cinnamon apple candle and twinkling Christmas tree lights and we can melt the stress of the holidays right off of our shoulders!

There are many things we look to for comfort when we are stressed or facing troubled times. But those things never last. Some of these things might even leave behind remnants of themselves like guilt, regret or even a thicker waistline; but the comfort they once brought are temporary at best, fleeting at worst.

The only lasting comfort we can expect to experience comes from the Lord. Jesus suffered many things during his life and ministry in the flesh. He dealt with betrayal, disappointment, rejection and mockery just to name a few. If that weren’t enough, He also took on the sins of the entire world despite having never sinned himself. He knows suffering to say the least. And so, as we walk through those same sufferings of a sin soaked and chaotic world, we can find comfort in Him, because he’s been there too. There is nothing that we will encounter that Jesus hasn’t already overcome.

So, when we are struggling and downtrodden, facing trials and troubles we must seek the comfort of Jesus first and foremost. He shows up in our struggle and hugs us with His presence and he doesn’t let go. In His word, we find comfort in who He is and the promises He has fulfilled. He sends His people to bring us encouragement and meet our immediate needs.

The comforts of this world will not last no matter how soft, fuzzy or warm they may be. His presence, His promises, His people; these are the glorious comforts of Jesus and they will never fade away.

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